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The TOAD logo

The TOAD logo

After the first part of guidelines and standards I’d like to do a little interlude and introduce TOAD.

Whenever I start a new data warehouse or database project I warmly recommend to the client to purchase a handful of TOAD licences for the development team. Sometimes even the free version will do the job.

For me, TOAD is an indispensable tool for developing and debugging stored procedures, SQL statements, and database objects. Compared to TOAD, the built-in tools of the database vendors like SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or Oracle SQL Developer appear somewhat ridiculous.

There are versions for many DB systems like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySql, SAP, Hadoop and there is also an agile and vivid community.

Just my two cents for the weekend. And, BTW, I’m in no way associated with Quest. I’m just a happy and pleased user for many years.